Sisigad Hoverboard & Off Road Self Balancing Scooter Review

sisigad hoverboard Review

Hoverboards aren’t the newest toy in town, they’re still a popular gift for people of all ages, especially around the holidays. The Sisigad hoverboard is a comparatively new product on the market, but it has rapidly moved to the top 10 best hoverboards in 2021. It is a high-quality, low-cost self-balancing scooter. If you go by appearances alone, the sisigad self balancing hoverboard is primarily a kid’s hoverboard. It’s almost completely covered in RGB lights that flash while using. Most adults will find this too fancy, but if you’re a kid, or simply a kid-at-heart, you’ll enjoy the brilliant flashing lights.

In this article, we are not just revealing the fascinating features, but we’ll go over the sisigad hoverboard reviews including its performance on various surfaces, its highs and lows, our personal experience and everything in between.

Features and Specifications

It is essential to understand the specific qualities of any product before making a purchase. This is a thorough explanation of the subject.

sisigad hoverboard


The product’s design is quite unique. It comes in many different colors with a graceful design. The rough foot space prevents the rider from slipping and falling off the hoverboard or becoming unbalanced. The 6.5-inch wheels are also part of the overall design. It has a basic kind of attraction. If your youngster enjoys looking at attractive designs, you might consider purchasing the sisigad off road hoverboard since it has a perfect shape and appearance.


The sisigad hoverboard self balancing scooter is light for a battery-powered riding device, weighing only 18.5 lbs. However, when you hold it, you can tell it is really strong. Its design and numerous colors appeal to both children and adults. sisgad hoverboards can carry riders weighing up to 260 lbs making it one of the most powerful self-balancing scooters we’ve seen. In comparison to other mini hoverboards, this provides a broader diversity of users to use, both in terms of weight and height.

Bluetooth connectivity

One of the most exciting aspects of hoverboards nowadays is that they come with a slew of amazing features, like Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are composed of high-quality materials and are capable of delivering excellent sound. The music can be played loud and clear even on congested highways. kids adore this new swag. sisgad electric scooter’s Bluetooth connection is quick and easy to set up. You may just pair them both with a smart device and bam!

Sisigad Hoverboard

Speed range

Whenever you buy a hoverboard for your kids, be aware of the maximum speed that the device can reach in order to keep your children safe. The sisgad hoverboard can reach a top speed of 14.5 kph, it is due to its dual 300-watt motors. This is more than enough to climb a 10-degree gradient. The SISIGAD Hoverboard’s dual engines also allow a weight limit of 118 kg (260 lb). As a result, it is appropriate for both kids and adults. The strong motors are highly efficient and maintain a constant speed. For beginners, the speed is not considered to be very safe. Make sure to get it for kids who have some hoverboard expertise.

Battery life and charging time

Depending on the surface and slope, the board’s fast-charging battery can provide a distance of up to 15 km per charge. The SISIGAD Hoverboard charger provides an excellent ride time of slightly over an hour when fully charged. To keep the battery health stable, do not overcharge and discharge the hoverboard. This device includes a lithium-ion high-rate 5C battery that functions admirably. It takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge. Sisgad hoverboards have a reasonable mileage. It could’ve been so much better.

Safety criteria

Well, safety is a key element that should never be ignored. Any gadget that runs on batteries should be subjected to rigorous testing, and it’s critical to ensure that the battery is of high quality. The UL2272 certification on the SISIGAD hoverboard ensures that the battery is in good working order. The battery is subjected to extensive testing to ensure that it is safe for use on a hoverboard. There will be no overheating or mishaps due to the batteries. You can buy this product for your kid without any serious worries. 

sisigad hoverboard

Moreover, the hoverboard’s safety is enhanced by the inclusion of cutting-edge self-balancing technology and non-slip footpads. Getting on, balancing, riding, and changing direction is simple and straightforward for anyone to learn. Do you want to feel safer? LED lights found on the wheel arches, front and rear headlights, and turn signals make Riders visible even in the dark. Their LED lights are not just luminous, but also very colorful and captivating.

Wheel size and weight limit

Surprisingly, this product has 6.5-inch high-quality wheels that can tackle any road difficulty. Whether you’re riding the hoverboard on smooth surfaces, mud, grass, or rough terrains, this hoverboard will perform admirably. You didn’t have to worry about skidding on water or mud because of the robust wheels’ great performance. This is one of the hoverboard’s greatest advantages anyone could ask for. Last but not least, you should be aware of this product’s overall weight capacity. Its weight capacity ranges between 44 and 260 pounds, indicating that your child may operate this hoverboard as an adult as well.

My experience with sisgad hoverboard

The high-quality 6.5” vacuum tires make riding on difficult surfaces more comfortable. It’s not hard to navigate around cracks, mud, and bumps. The SISIGAD Hoverboard comes fully assembled and ready to use. The self-balancing technology will appeal to both professional and inexperienced hoverboard riders. To put beginners at ease, it’s easy and simple.

Are Sisigad Hoverboards good?

The hoverboard performs wonderfully on a variety of surfaces. On paved areas, SISIGAD operatesexcellently, and it also handles uneven surfaces efficiently. A good battery life and a speed range of 9mph is all that make sisgad hoverboards good.

Does Sisigad hoverboard have Bluetooth?

It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that connects to any smartphone. The sisigad hoverboard app lets you track its performance and battery life. The Bluetooth speakers are fairly loud, but using them while driving will lead the batteries to drain more quickly.

How fast does Sisigad hoverboard go?

According to my experience and sisigad hoverboard manual, this hoverboard features dual 300-watt motors that can travel up to 9 miles per hour and climb 15-degree slopes. However, performance may vary based on the rider’s weight and height.

What is the best hoverboard for beginners?

Depending on features, safety, and battery health Sisgad and swagtron are the best hoverboards for kids and adults so far. Razor hovertrax is the best hoverboard for kids when it comes to safety.