Weight Limits for Most Hoverboards – Updated Guide

Weight Limits For Most Hoverboards

There are two important aspects you must consider while shopping for a hoverboard. One is the size, the other is the hoverboard weight limit. It is as important as other features. Obviously, you’ll want a board that can carry your body weight easily so you can relax and enjoy your ride. Although a lot of hoverboards are similar in features and weight limit, we’ll help you determine how much weight can a hoverboard hold? And which one is best for you. 

Weight limits on hoverboards

If you ever thought that weight limit is not an important aspect to consider, let me clear you first, your hoverboards can even crack in two parts if your weight exceeds the hoverboard weight limit. In most cases, the maximum weight allowed for a 6.5-inch hoverboard is 100 kg (220 lbs) approximately. Smaller capacity self-balance scooter weight limits vary with their sizes and are able to carry less weight. There are also larger wheels such as 8” and 10” hoverboards, which can support up to 300 lbs weight. Different brands and companies are working on the advancements of the hoverboard weight limit. There is nothing wrong to expect an advanced hoverboard with a weight limit of 190kg in the coming days.

How much does a hoverboard weigh

When talking about hoverboard weight limits, it is also important to know, how much does a hoverboard weigh? The case isn’t always the same. Sometimes you ride your hoverboard, sometimes you have to carry it to a specific location. The battery may get low anywhere. Carrying a heavy hoverboard is no less than a pain. A very light hoverboard may fail to carry heavy riders. So, considering the hoverboard’s weight is another reliability. An average hoverboard weighs approximately 20 pounds. These are made for adults, teens, and kids. For kids, 20 pounds is also a little too heavy. The other form of heavy hoverboards with extra features and bigger wheels weigh between 25 to 30 pounds easily.

The weight limit for hoverboards according to models

As discussed previously, the hoverboard weight limits vary by models and brands. A standard hoverboard with an average weight limit can travel up to 12 miles at 7mph after 4 hours of charging. However, the following list represents an average weight limit for standard self-balancing scooters. This is what I’ve come up with:

  •         A 4″ hoverboard has a weight limit of 55kg and 120lbs.
  •         6″ and 6.5″ hoverboards have a weight limit of 100kg and 220lbs.
  •         The weight limit of 8″ hoverboards is 265lbs or 100kg.
  •         A 10″ model of a hoverboard can bear up to150kg or 330lbs of weight.

Hoverboard Weight Limits Compared

Following is the comparison of different hoverboard models having different weight limits.

Hover-1 hoverboard electric scooter

$324/per month
Weight limit: 264 pounds
wheel size: 8 inch
Weight limits
Wheel Sizes
Amazon Link
SISIGAD hoverboard
200 pounds
6.5 inch
Buy Now
Gyroor T581 off Road Hoverboard
220 pounds
6.5 inch
Buy Now
XPRIT all Terrain Black Hoverboard
264 lbs
8.5 inch
Buy Now
LIEAGLE Self Balancing Hoverboard
240 pounds
6.5 inch
Buy Now
Evercross Hoverboard for Kids and Adults
220 pounds
6.5 inch
Buy Now
Hoverstar all new HS2.0 Hoverboard
165 pounds
6 inch
Buy Now
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter
240 pounds
8.5 inch
Buy Now
Gyroshoes Off Road all Terrain Hoverboard
256 pounds
8.5 inch
Buy Now
Swagtron Swagboard T6 Off Road Hoverboard
420 pounds
10 inch
Buy Now

Hoverboards vs Razor scooter weight limits

Razor is undeniably at the cutting edge of the market. If you remember the early 2000s scooter mania, Razor scooters were the ones who started it all. You can say that hoverboards are an upgraded version of razor scooters and skateboards. There is just a minor difference in the weight limits of both these amazing gadgets. In fact, there will be no regret to say that both razor scooters and hoverboards have similar weight limits. Both devices are used to stand on and ride. By knowing the weight limit of a 6.5″ hoverboard you can clearly make an estimate about the weight limit of a 6.5″ razor. A razor scooter that is 9.4 pounds can hold up to 220 lbs weight. If you want a 10″ razor scooter, it can hold a person who weighs up to 300 pounds.  

What hoverboard holds the most weight?

The reported weight capacity for each hoverboard is based on real examinations and is not subjective. According to our deep research on hoverboard weight limits Swagtron swag board, T6 off-road hoverboard holds the most weight up to 420 pounds. This 10” hoverboard is a perfect choice for a man of any age and size. The tubeless tires are specifically designed for all types of terrains. The hoverboard includes a 300W dual motor to pass all the bumpy roads. As the hoverboard is UL2272 certified, a safe riding experience is guaranteed. 

Can a 300-pound person ride a hoverboard?

Yes, a 300-pound person with more than 300 pounds weight can ride a hoverboard. A swagtron outlaw T6 off-road hoverboard is specially designed for people of all sizes and ages. This board has the capacity to hold a maximum weight of 420 pounds. It is an ideal pick for a heavy person who weighs 300 pounds or more.

Is there a hoverboard for heavy adults?

swagtron swag board outlaw T6 off-road hoverboard is made up of ABS plastic and aluminum body that offers a maximum weight limit of 420 pounds. It is a 10” all-terrain hoverboard specifically designed for heavy adults. As for now, there is no other more durable and reliable hoverboard for heavy adults. 

How much weight can a hover 1 hoverboard hold?

A hover 1 ultra-electric hoverboard has a maximum weight capacity of 220 to 264 lbs. This means hover 1 hoverboard can hold a person weighing 220lbs to 264lbs. Hoverboard weight limits vary with different models and sizes. A standard 6” hoverboard has a weight limit of up to 220lbs and an 8” hoverboard has a weight limit of up to 264lbs.

What is the minimum weight for a hoverboard?

Hoverboards are more popular among kids. They make excellent surprises and gifts. If it is specifically for kids, they must be of suitable weight for them to ride freely. The majority of hoverboard brands and manufacturers have determined that 44 pounds is the minimum weight for a hoverboard. However, there are various sellers on amazon who offer hoverboards the weigh around 40 pounds to 50 pounds. This weight is perfect for a kid to ride a hoverboard with all comfort. 

Can you lose weight by riding a hoverboard?

To be very honest, riding a hoverboard is one of the most effective ways to lose extra weight. It ensures that your upper and lower bodies are operated on for a long time in order to lose weight. All you need is a good-sized hoverboard and the ability to drive continuously for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, ride your hoverboard upwards to get a better cardio exercise.

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