How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost

how much does a hoverboard cost

You watch your friends playing with their hoverboards every day. Now you want yours as well. You click on google and start searching the terms like how much does a hoverboard cost? Or how expensive are hoverboards? Boom you landed on the right page. Of course, you should research everything before getting your hands on any new product. We are going to cover all the questions in your head about how much money does a hoverboard cost? And is a hoverboard worth buying?

The average cost of a standard hoverboard

Hoverboards are indeed exciting and enjoyable gadgets. When you choose a good hoverboard for yourself, you enjoy riding it every time around the home, park, or anywhere else. Although there are numerous aspects to consider before getting a hoverboard, the price is the most crucial factor of all. You can buy a standard hoverboard for as low as $100 and as high as $700. It all depends on the functionalities of a device. However, according to our analysis, the true value is between $200 and $500. This cost structure will provide you with excellent battery life, quick charging time, high speed, and long-range. 

6.5” wheel standard hoverboards prices

When you talk about a hoverboard or a self-balancing scooter, a picture that instantly comes to your mind is a 6.5″ hoverboard with LED flashlights on it. Yes, that 6.5″ hoverboard is a standard-sized scooter for kids, teenagers, and adults. You can buy these hoverboards for less than $200. If you are lucky enough, you may find some discount or hoverboard for kids for sale where you can get these hoverboards for as little as $90 to $150.

Hoverboards under $200

Hoverboards that are less than $200 have a significant market.  Some models deliver a variety of features for such a low price i.e, Bluetooth connectivity, smart long-lasting battery, even LED flashlights that sync with your music beats. However, buying such access self-balancing scooters requires thinking about how much money is a hoverboard and what is most important to you. The reason for this is that they are unlikely to have all of the features found in high-end devices. Therefore, with so many possibilities on the market, it is easy to discover an ideal hoverboard in less than 200 dollars that meets your needs.

Our top picks under $200

  1. SISIGAD hoverboard, self-balancing scooter
  2.  Hover-1 Ultra Electric, self-balancing scooters
  3.  Jetson Flash self-balancing Hoverboard

You can easily get these hoverboards from amazon or Walmart for under $200. The only fact you should keep in mind is, the product you will get at a lower price will not offer all the advanced features you expect. These hoverboards include LED flashlights and built-in Bluetooth speakers. The rubber tires provide good balance control. These hoverboards have a maximum weight limit of 220lb which means they are specifically for kids, beginners, and adults. If you are a pro, their maximum speed limit will not be enough. You should go for an 8″ to 10″ wheel hoverboard. Furthermore, they are not professional hoverboards and can only be used on level ground, such as in urban locations or indoors.

How much is a hoverboard with 8.5” to 10” wheel?

A hoverboard cost will rise a bit if you’re after a little bigger and more powerful device. The 8.5″ and 10″ hoverboard is becoming popular with kids and adults day by day. They’re bigger (8.5′′ or 10′′ wheels), have tough off-road wheels, stronger motors, and a far more durable frame. They can travel across a range of landscapes like grass, mud, sand, and snow. Consequently, advanced features durability comes at a higher cost. These off-road Hoverboard prices start at $150 to $500. But when you examine several models at different price points, you’ll see that the higher the price, the better the specs. A more expensive hoverboard will usually come with a larger and more powerful motor and a strong aluminum frame.

Our top picks for 8.5” to 10” hoverboards

  1.  Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard
  2. XPIRIT 8.5” Hoverboard
  3. Hoverstar Hs2.0 self-balancing scooter

Can I get the cheapest 100$ hoverboards

It is difficult to believe, but yes there are so many 100$ hoverboards you can find in the market with good specs. Usually, these hoverboards are designed for kids and teens and their maximum weight limit lies between 200lbs and 270lbs. There are many with enough features to use. Do not over-invest in something you only need for your leisure time and fun. Our top picks in the cheapest 100$ hoverboard include:

  1. Felimoda Hoverboard for kids and adults
  2. Spadger Hoverboard

Are Cheap Hoverboards Safe?

We do not recommend riding on cheaper hoverboards. Most important of all, the price of any hoverboard does not specify how safe it is. The only way to tell if a hoverboard is safe is to look for UL certificates on it. Hoverboards that have received the UL certification are completely safe. The UL certification has been granted to a number of well-known hoverboard brands. Amazon, in fact, only allows companies to offer UL-certified hoverboards. The cheap-priced hoverboards are made with cheap materials and have low-quality standards. Make sure to buy a hoverboard that meets UL certification standards for a safe riding experience.

What are hoverboard UL certifications?

UL certification is a safety certificate that verifies the sample of the hoverboard is tested to meet all safety guidelines. The certification signifies that UL has verified that the product fulfills the UL-2272 strict safety standards. Brands like Minipro, Swagtron, Halo Rover, and more are UL-2272 certified and sell products that are 100 percent safe to use.

Is the hoverboard worth buying?

For sure, Hoverboards are worth the money. No doubt, they are a little pricey, but the fun they provide is totally worth buying. Hoverboards are such interesting gadgets that I guarantee you if you buy one for your kid, you will end up playing with It more.

How much does a normal hoverboard cost?

A normal hoverboard costs around $100 to $300. Normally, a $200 hoverboard includes all the fancy features like LED flashlights, a powerful motor, a long-lasting battery, and maximum speed.

What is the cheapest hoverboard?

The cheapest hoverboard is something that came under $100. They normally do not include fancy features. But some cheapest hoverboards do come with Bluetooth speakers and LED flashlights on them.

How much does a hoverboard cost in 2021?

Hoverboards are upgraded every year. In 2021, you can buy a standard to high-quality hoverboard for $150 to $250 easily. Generally in sale seasons, these hoverboard price ranges start from $99 to $200. Some of the Best hoverboards according to their prices and quality include Hover-1 helix, swagtron t881, Xpirit, and more.  


We wish you good luck in finding your perfect hoverboard.  We’ve chosen what we believe to be the best option for you. If you have any extra money after your purchase, we strongly advise you to invest in a hoverboard seat attachment. It will convert your hoverboard into a hoverkart. You shouldn’t feel bad about acquiring one of them. They’re a great deal of fun.

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