RioRand Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Review |2021

RioRand Hoverboard

Riorand hoverboards have been attracting me for a very long time. A few days ago, I started receiving tons of requests to review riorand hoverboard electric scooters on my website. I researched important facts about it, but it would be very unfair to you all if I review a device without testing it out personally. So, luckily I made up my mind to buy my own riorand hoverboard. It’s been 5 days now since I started driving this hoverboard. I tested it out with all different angles, direction, and perimeter, and here is what I genuinely think about it.

Riorand self balancing scooter first impression

I have to say, the body is elegantly designed. However, in my opinion, this device is not a go for kids. You can only enjoy it fully if you are an adult or a pro rider. The package comes with a charging cable and a very attractive instruction sheet. I don’t understand why the RioRand hoverboard slipped my hands for quite some time. I might have got so much involved in the sleek design, or maybe it was just the specification chart alone that had me hooked for a while. It was powerful, lightweight, and stuffed with innovative technology. Riorand clearly got me at first sight, but the first impression isn’t always the last impression. I discovered 99 more facts about the riorand segway when I first rode it.

Key Features of RioRand Scooters

  • Weight: 10kg
  • Maximum weight limit: 220 lbs
  • Maximum speed: 10 kmh
  • Charging period: 90 minutes maximum
  • Single charge period range: 20 km
  • Power: 1000 watt
  • Safety test: UL certification

Distance range of riorand hoverboard

This product offers a distance-covering range that is absolutely astounding. It can easily travel a distance of 20 kilometers in a single burst of complete charge. Consider the following scenario. You need to go somewhere really quickly. On your Hoverboard, you are traveling. Despite the fact that you are rushed for time. However, you are confident that you will arrive on time. The hoverboard abruptly stops, and you discover that the battery is fully depleted. You no longer have an option. Wherever you travel, you will undoubtedly look for a charging connection. A riorand hoverboard is a breaker of such nightmares. It can cover a significant amount of distance with a single charge. This is one of the most amazing features that this HoverBoard offers.

RioRand HoverBoard

Inclined surfaces and climbing capacity of riorand hoverboard

The inclined slopes aren’t a problem for this hoverboard. This hoverboard can easily and efficiently manage a maximum inclination of 15 degrees. Not all surfaces are pleasant. You may be required to climb on incline surfaces at times. These slanted surfaces could be a concern. As a result, your hoverboard must be capable of climbing such inclines with ease. In this regard, you can trust my riorand hoverboard reviews. You will be definitely thinking that climbing slopes on hoverboards were harder before.

What I experienced riding a riorand hoverboard

The RioRand self-balancing scooter functions just as you’d expect from a solid entry-level machine to work. It’s easy to mount, comfortable to hold, has a lot of acceleration, and performs amazingly well on gentle slopes. Because there are no changeable riding modes, it is designed for adults and experts alike rather than smaller kids. The RioRand hoverboard is a legendary warrior that is simple yet successful in all the right ways. The best thing I loved the most is, there are no unnecessary frills or embellishments, only the essentials to get the job done. It isn’t the kind of board that will take your breath away, but it is right up there with the greatest budget boards available on the market today.



riorand hoverboard

What does riorand hoverboard cost?

Riorand hoverboard price range varies with its different models and sizes. However, all the riorand hoverboard model prices vary $100 to $300 decently.

What can I get instead of a hoverboard?

There are a lot of alternatives for hoverboards that are more advanced and successful. This includes electric surfing scooters and electric roller skates. They work quite the same as self-balancing scooters and electric hoverboards but their unique appearance makes it stand away from the crowd. You can also use an Electric unicycle instead of a hoverboard.

What is the problem with Hoverboards?

Several manufacturers began selling hoverboards that had not been evaluated for quality or safety usage. Hoverboard risks have been reported in the news, with motorized boards abruptly overheating, causing fires, and sustaining burns. The problems have been solved so far and the quality and safety certificates are issued to many hoverboard manufacturers like swagtron, gotrax, jetson, riorand, etc. newer electric hoverboards are not reported to possess such risks.

Why Hoverboards are dangerous?

Hoverboards are dangerous until they are not UL certified. Without safety certification, hoverboards can pose serious risks like catching fire and causing burns to riders. People may hurt them by falling off from them if the hoverboard does not offer the correct balance.

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